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Mad Macs of Oregon

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H. Muhammad
Let me start by saying I am a professional musician. I record and compose music for a living. I always viewed using MAC's as a "necessary evil". I always hear, "If you want to remain in the industry you have to get a MAC." 
My relationship with MAC computers has always been a volatile one. I use them for work ONLY. I have found them to be temperamental,unreliable and expensive to repair. That was UNTIL I purchased a Macbook from from Mad Macs. It was a great machine for a great price!!I got it home and promptly died on me. I was thinking, "Here we go again". But before I could call them to complain, Brian sent me an Email asking how it was running. I told him what happened, and he was clearly apologetic and told me to bring it out and he would definitely take care of me. I was pleasantly surprised by the attention and immediate service I received. Ben got under the hood and found out it was just a bad power source (which they replaced) Now it's working great!! Brian still checks in on me periodically to make sure I am happy. Well, I am!!!! Oh and I purchased an external HD while I was there. That also works GREAT!
4/18/2012  Zoe Virtual Assistant 
I use my machine all day long, every day and long into the night. I have to be sure I have a platform that is solid and gives me all the tools I need to do my job.
Mad Macs helps me to do that by keeping my iMac running in tip top shape. When It is time for an upgrade, a tune-up or even a second Mac so I can do twice the work, I'll be heading over to MadMac's to see what they have on the shelf, ready to go.
My daughter, who is not a computer person found a great little flower pot mac at Mad Macs. Skeptical, I went with her to look the system over. 
Ben and Brian both took the time to show her every detail on what would be her new system. She's tickled pink with her 'new' computer and I came away a fan of the customer service & technical skills of the folks at MadMacs.
This is a no nonsense, no frills company that stands behind their work and their service. I keep their card on the top of my desk for my next 'gently used mac purchase'. 
Thanks to all the folks at MadMacs for providing great service and up to date knowledge. You've got my vote!
Even though they do not specialize in PC’s, I was able to get a wonderful HP Laptop, for my recycling business.  It works great and Ben was more that willing to remove unwanted software and install my own software.  
I have gotten many small parts from them and had to bring my HP in for virus removal.  
Each encounter has been wonderful and I recommend Mad Macs to others all the time. 
D. Nagel
8/16/2013 Chad A.

First thing's first... Mel Gibson would be so proud of the name's play on his Sci-Fi classic!

Second although these guys may not have a dedicated "brick n mortar" spot specifically for their business they do have many parts, do a really good job of diagnostics and repairs, and are very knowledgeable of Mac products.

They took good care of my newly purchased Macbook Pro (Time Machine just put on a bunch of unnecessary items so they removed them for me, but the computer is just fine.)

We also discussed my needs and wants so they offered possible upgrade/conversion ideas for me.

These guys are just so incredibly nice. 

I definitely look forward to doing business with them in the future!
Tony C.
Go to the "real" Genius Bar - Ben!
This guy saved my computer - and my business.

Backstory: After going to the famous Apple "Genius Bar" at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland - where the so-called "experts" searched Google for the answers while telling me the problems on my iMac were "my fault" and then told me my last alternative was to wipe my hard drive and start over (which they also failed at), My wife found MAD MACS OF OREGON on Yelp... and, alas, I was saved.

Ben of MAD MACS was optimistic, clear, and immediately had solutions for me during our initial phone conversation. He got in to my iMac, fixed the problem, and saved my data... all three things the Apple guys at the "Genius Bar" failed at... Save yourselves time and money by going straight to MAD MACS - they're the real Pros.